Why Cyprus

Cyprus is a long established reputable International Financial Centre.

Despite the negative impact due to the adverse developments of Cyprus’ banking system, our country is still considered to be one of the most developed and efficient business locations in Europe. This is because of the highly skilled human resources, the pro-active business attitude, the excellent telecommunications infrastructure and the favourable tax system.
Cyprus is long established as the ideal gateway for EU inbound and outbound investments so as for investments with traditional business jurisdictions Cyprus had like the Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, India and China.

Tax advantage

Cyprus has a favourable tax system with a wide network of double tax treaties and it also applies fully all the EU Directives. Even in those cases that Cyprus does not have a double tax treaty with another country its tax system is so favourable that it would still fit in a structure.
As a result Cyprus is today established as an international business and financial centre.

Cyprus Human Resources

Cypriots are highly educated. In fact Cyprus has one of the highest percentages of university graduates per capita in the EU.

Although the native language is Greek, English is commonly used as the business language. Given that Cyprus is an international business and financial services centre many professionals (independent auditors and law firms) can provide valuable assistance for meeting the business objectives of the investors.